INRAE, French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment, presents IWA’s 9th Leading Edge Conference for Strategic Asset Management (LESAM) to be hosted at the "Musée de la Mer et de la Marine" in Bordeaux, France on 11-13 May 2022.

The LESAMs, the 3-days key event of the IWA Strategic Asset Management (SAM) Specialist Group, have established a consolidated leading-edge forum where utilities, consultants, regulators, researchers and asset managers identify and discuss the main challenges, new solutions and trends in strategic asset management for the water sector.




  • [*]-Institutional and policy aspects regarding AM e.g. policy making, regulation
  • [*]-Economic, financial and organisational aspects of AM e.g. demand forecasting, costs assessment, cross sectorial functions, workforce organization
  • [*]-AM communication issues e.g. leadership, workforce engagement, training, co-creation, internal and external communication strategies, stakeholders’ needs and expectations
  • [*]-Global change and AM e.g. tackling uncertainties, thinking ahead inter-generationally, addressing risk, resilience and crisis management
  • [*]-Management systems for AM  e.g. ISO 55000, data management for AM, value in AM, decision making based on performance or condition assessment
  • [*]-Management of the assets in AM e.g. asset data information for AM decisions, measuring and improving efficiency, assessing criticality
  • [*]-Digital Water and AM e.g. solutions for better governance and community engagement, monitoring, innovative solutions, inputs of management of the assets into AM, modelling
  • [*]-Specificities of urban water infrastructure in AM e.g. interdependencies, cause-effect behaviour, system behaviour, indefinite useful life, multiplicity of stakeholders
  • [*]-Interactions among water supply, wastewater, stormwater in AM
  • [*]-Environmental assessment and AM e.g. impacts of reuse in AM, life-cycle analysis
  • [*]-Considering interdependencies between water and other urban services/infrastructures in AM e.g. cascading effects, governance
  • [*]-AM in the context of circular economy 
  • [*]-Urban drainage asset management: integrating nature based solutions in AM practices
  • [*]-AM examples in specific contexts (e.g. developing regions, decentralized systems) 
  • [*]-AM out of the box inputs from young water professionals
  • [*]-AM regional initiatives

Submitting a paper for LESAM 2022 will provide an opportunity to present to a global audience of world-leading water professionals, to exchange ideas, explore the state of the art and debate key issues. It will also provide an opportunity for publication in a leading international peer reviewed journal.